The Adept Group

The Adept Group is a professional services company, which provides extensive management, operational and specialized services for professional societies, trade associations, and other non-profit organizations. Our services range from comprehensive management to project-specific services. The entire Adept organization is committed to driving growth, creating value, and ensuring sustainability for all of our client partner organizations to ensure they realize their fullest potential.

Comprehensive Management

The Adept Group provides association leaders with the ability to focus on the overall governance and strategic efforts of the organization rather than being distracted by having to manage the day-to-day aspects of the operational and administrative details of the organization. Let us help your organization advance its industry and professions.

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Seamless Outsourcing

Our team of professionals stands ready to integrate with your existing management structure while offering a proven level of expertise, access to top-notch technology for efficiency, and the opportunity to produce better outcomes for your organization. Adept provides a committed team that will serve as a valued extension of your organization.


Expert Consulting

Adept’s trusted experts lead and support strategic initiatives for non-profit organizations of all sizes. For a fresh perspective and innovative ideas, plan to work with The Adept Group to assist your organization in its efforts to grow, evolve and maintain relevancy for its target markets. We stand ready to provide a guided hand for your entity.