Association Management Companies Provide Value During Uncertain Times

by The Adept Group | March 31, 2020 | board leadership, handling crises, COVID-19, association management

The threats facing the world from COVID-19 also threaten nonprofits and their Board of Directors. This crisis undoubtedly has you wrestling with challenging decisions and questions. Changes are happening rapidly, and your board has to provide adaptive and steady leadership while supporting the CEO/Executive Director.

What is the Board’s Role During COVID-19?
The chief executive will need to work closely with the board to manage and govern the changes you are seeing, as well as address any external threats that can arise. Your CEO will remain responsible for the operational planning as well as executing those plans. Both your CEO and the board are going to have to be flexible with planning as you look at all the ways in which COVID-19 will evolve. These are some of the considerations to put in place:

  • How will you be able to prevent worse-case scenarios that are possibly going to occur?

  • How will this situation affect your specific organization?

  • Will there be any questions from the press you don’t want to face?

  • Where are your organization’s most significant vulnerabilities?

Management and Risk Assessment from COVID-19
Crisis planning and management are going to ensure both staff and the board’s perspectives are heard while your organization responds to COVID-19 threats. Managing your risks will begin by deciding who will coordinate efforts to create a plan defining the role of the board and those of the staff.

Your board are the stewards of your organization, and they have to be sensitive to the possible risks, set the tone for how to deal with those risks, and demand that the tools are in place to keep your organization safe. They must also ensure your organization is prepared and ready to act when a situation demands it.

As stewards of your organization, the board will also be responsible for the financial and legal oversight. They must be able to assess the current, and future impact COVID-19 is going to have on your organization, the community, staff members, and economy. It is key that your risk management understand the current insurance policies you have in place, what is covered, and what is not covered.

Planning Ahead and How an Association Management Company Provides Value During These Uncertain Times
These are going to be challenging times, unlike anything you have faced or even thought about facing. These times may call for the guidance of an association management team with the experience to help you govern and apply strategic efforts to your operations. The Adept Group is a team of association management professionals who are ready to integrate with your management structure and ensure your organization has a positive outcome during these uncertain times.

The Adept Group is skilled at assisting non-profits as well as professional associations and their board of directors with the development and execution of business continuity plans during times of crisis. If you need assistance in ensuring your organization has the tools, information and resources to weather this current storm caused by COVID-19, contact The Adept Group today ([email protected]).

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